The Best Arduino Kits For Children

The Best Arduino Kits For Children

Best Arduino Kits for Users of All Levels

Arduino has been offering open-source electronics platforms which are made of hardware and software that are easy to configure so that new products can be custom built. You tell your board what you want it to do by composing a set of instruction to your microcontroller. To get the best experience, it helps to start off by purchasing one of the kits they offer. There is something there for everyone from students to more advanced computer builders.

(Haven’t heard of Arduino yet? Check out this impressive video of one of many projects that you can create with it!)

One of the best kits from Arduino is the Starter Kit. You will get a great introduction to coding and electronics with this kit. There are step by step tutorials and you can make up to 15 different projects with this one kit.

For those who are going on to the next step of building computers, the MKR1000 Bundle kit is a great option. You can make any of your existing devices smarter with the items included. The items that come with it are based around the MKR1000 board. Users with a minimal amount of networking experience will find it easy to build with. It comes with the board, a micro USB cable, a 400-point breadboard, 70 jumper wires, 6 phototransistors, 10 pushbuttons and more!

Fun programming project for your kids
Fun programming project for your kidshbuttons and more.

For those interested in 3D Printing the 3D Printer kit is another great option. Easy robot kits are also among the best to buy, but they can sell out quickly. The CTC 101 kit has everything for students to learn more about computers in their STEAM programs.

Arduino has been behind thousands of projects from the simplest everyday gadgets to complex scientific instruments. This open-source platform is excellent for professionals, programmers, hobbyists, and students. When you build with one of the kits offered, you will be taking advantage of the contributions and knowledge of everyone behind Arduino.

Arduino is arguably the best platform for building a robot that suits your ideas. However, for people who are nor experienced with building circuits and programming in the C language, it might be frustrating to get started and learning even the very basics might take up months. If you’d rather build simpler, yet still challenging and fun robotic kits, then head over to this section of our website and explore other exciting possibilities in the world of STEM learning and fun.