Packgout Remote Control Building Kits for Kids Review

Packgout Remote Control Building Kits for Kids Review

The popularity of remote control cars cannot be denied! There are hundreds upon hundreds of build-your-own robot kits for children and adults in the market, so much so that choosing the best ones can be a confusing, if not overwhelming process. Keep in mind that kids and adults will have different expectations for these robot kits depending on their knowledge and skills in robotics.
Fortunately, there are robot kits that appeal to both kids and adults, especially to beginners whose knowledge and skills in robotics are limited to television shows and movies. The Packgout Remote Remote Control Car is one such product.
But, don’t limit its use to entertainment, although it’s probably the first thought that pops into the minds of most parents. Instead, the kit can also be used for teaching basic knowledge about science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).

Features of the Packgout Remote Control Building Kits for Kids

The Packgout robot-building kit has the following features that make it popular among children and adults alike.

Made from non-toxic, high-quality materials

According to its manufacturer, every single part of the robot-building kit is made from safe, strong and sturdy materials. These materials are free of harmful materials including phthalates, heavy metals like lead and mercury, and toxic chemicals.  This is a must for children’s toys since even small quantities of toxic substances ingested or inhaled can cause serious side effects in the long-term.
The parts, indeed, feel strong and sturdy in our hands from assembly to use, so Packgout makes good on its claim. Even the paint has a vibrant quality to it, it’s well-painted and cannot be easily scratched, as is the case with most inferior robot kits.

127 parts in the set

The set comes with 127 individual blocks, which are painted in vibrant colors and made in different shapes. These blocks can be configured to become a car, or a truck, or any imaginative vehicle that your child can create. The building block design makes it easy for children to arrange and rearrange them to form whatever shape comes to their minds –and you, the parent, will have the assurance that your child is learning and playing.
These parts are relatively small, so children younger than three years old shouldn’t be allowed to play with them. These are choking hazards that aren’t worth the education and entertainment older children get.
The robot kit isn’t too complicated to assemble, fortunately, because of the manageable number of parts. In contrast, many beginner and intermediate-level DIY robot kits have more than a hundred parts that can overwhelm beginners. Let your kid think of the robot kit as a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle and he will soon get the hang of it.

With an instruction booklet

Plus, there’s an instruction booklet with clear diagrams and well-written step-by-step instructions for assembly. If your child has difficulty understanding the instructions, you can always step in and assist.
Once assembled, the robot car can be made to zoom around using the remote control. This alone will provide an hour or so of fun entertainment for the kids, especially when there’s a mini-obstacle course that the remote-controlled car can tackle. You and the kids can make it so that they can test the toy car’s capabilities, which include moving in a straight line, climbing up and down tracks, and turning corners.
As we previously mentioned, the kit can be made into a few vehicles. With a little imagination, your child can make a truck, a crane or a motorcycle from a single robot kit.  Your child can become more imaginative aside from learning the basics of robotics from assembly to operation, even when it’s on a basic level.


  • Easy to assemble, especially with instruction booklet
  • Suitable for older kids with beginner level robotic skills
  • Comes with remote control and motor for movement
  • Can be made into at least three types of vehicles
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Safe and durable materials


  • Small parts unsuitable for small children (i.e., choking hazard)
  • Cannot be expanded with add-ons and apps


If you’re looking for a basic build-your-own robot kit for your older kids, then the Packgout remote control robot-building kit is a great choice. Your children may or may not need your assistance in reading the instructions, assembling the robot, and using its remote control but you will find that it’s a great toy for the family. You can spend hours of quality time with your kids while playing with the robot vehicle, whether it’s a racing game or a hide-and-seek game.
But the DIY robot kit has its limitations. Your older children, especially those with more advanced robotics skills, may find it a tad boring because it cannot be expanded using separate add-ons and more sophisticated software. In this case, you may want to buy them another robot-building kit, such as a Lego set.
For your younger children, however, the Packgout set is your best choice so go for it!