OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit Comprehensive Review

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit Comprehensive Review

The OWI Hydraulic Arm review has already received many positive reviews from users all around the world. However, the concept of the robot is so interesting that we decided we would feature it once more. As the name suggests the hydraulic arm does not use electricity or batteries. A perfect choice for kids and adults alike, it is a neat way to teach the basics of robotics to beginners. There seems to be nothing better than putting together a toy model, but the OWI Hydraulic Arm exceeds all expectations. The Arm allows parents and kids to come together and put together a robotic model and use it by demonstrating the power of water as an energy source. This is undoubtedly a unique robotic kit and doubles as a family time cum an educational experience.

What is the OWI Hydraulic Arm?

The OWI Hydraulic Arm is a hydraulic robotic arm designed to utilize hydro-mechanics. Using vacuum and suction to lift objects, the hydraulic arm is designed for kids aged 10 and above. It is a perfect way to let your children learn the basics of robotics and let them operate their own hydro-mechanical robot. It offers six axes of movement. The robot offers a wrist rotation of 180 degrees, and the gripper opens to 1.89 inches. The wrist mobility of the robot is 98 degrees, and the shoulder motion is about 45 degrees. The base station range of the robot is about 270 degrees while the elbow range is 44 degrees.

The OWI Hydraulic Arm has a vertical reach of 16.35 inches and a horizontal reach of 12.42 inches. It can carry a maximum of 50 grams of weight.


What’s included in the package?

The OWI Hydraulic Arm has the dimensions of 12.7 * 9.5 * 16.4 inches. The weight of the item is 2 pounds while the shipping weight amounts of 2.78 pounds. The robotic arm is in the 21st position in Toys and Games category and has been purchased by a massive number of people. It comes in many small pieces, so it is not recommended for children aged 3 and below. All the parts come attached to a plastic sheeting that needs to be cut off using metal cutters. Without metal cutters, the pieces are difficult to cut through. The robotic arm can be filled with regular water for it to work and does not require any additional battery to operate. Hence, the proper fitting of all of its parts is what makes the robot work.

Along with the package of the OWI Hydraulic Arm is a detailed graphic illustration of how to bring the parts together. This graphical illustration should be followed to the core in order to set up the hydraulic arm correctly. Along with the package, you get a 30-day warranty which actually seems to be a limited one.

How difficult is the setup of the OWI Hydraulic Arm?

The OWI Hydraulic Arm has no remote control, no use of battery and no need of charging mechanics as it simply works with water. The robot works only when all the parts are assembled as per the instructions provided.

Once you open the package, you will feel a bit overwhelmed with all the pieces that are firmly attached to the plastic sheeting. There are some small parts, so be wary of opening them around kids who are lower than three years of age.

It is recommended that you cut off all the parts from the plastic sheeting using metal cutters. Without the use of such cutters, it is not possible to get free of the items. Once all the pieces are free from the packaging, one can notice how the pieces are of good quality.

While the robot is targeted towards children of age 10 and above, it is safe to state that the setup of the robot is quite complicated for a 10-year-old. Even children with prior experience in putting together pieces of a robot might find it a little challenging to put together the OWI Hydraulic Arm. The instruction booklet is very clear and offers step by step instructions in a detailed, precise manner. However, it might take you a couple of hours to figure out. The most fun part of the project is the family time that the OWI Hydraulic Arm provides.

Does the OWI Hydraulic Arm work as expected?

Once the setup of the OWI Hydraulic Arm is complete, it can be said with certainty that the robotic arm works as expected. Water powers the movement of the robotic arm which can move in some ways. The actions of the robot are not jerky but are smooth and precise. The arm can pick up small items like small toys, a mobile arm, etc. you can also remove the gripper part of the arm to replace it with a suction device. It will take some amount of time to master the usability of the robot.

How durable is the robotic arm?

Unfortunately, the robotic arm is not equipped with spare parts. If you lose or break something, you will have to buy an extra piece from the manufacturer through their website. While the robot is as durable as a robotic arm should be, there might be instances when the handles can break under too much pressure. It is always safe to use the robotic arm by keeping in mind that it is a toy which can carry fragile items that weigh about 50 grams.

In conclusion, the OWI Hydraulic Arm allows your children to learn the basics of hydraulic systems and its application. Detailed graphical illustrations that come attached with the package make the assembly of over 229 parts somewhat smooth but is still a bit overwhelming for children who are closer to 10 years of age. The warranty period is still not satisfactory given the price of the robot. However, the sturdy build and the exciting functionalities associated with the robot make it a good learning experience for kids. You can buy it on amazon now for a bargain price.

Our rating: 4.5/5