How To Buy Robotic Kits For Girls (3 Easy Tips!)

How To Buy Robotic Kits For Girls (3 Easy Tips!)

Do you want to buy robotic kits for your little girl? Rest assured, choosing the right one is actually easier than you might expect! By the end of this article, you will have a good idea of what to look for, or maybe you’ll have even have chosen the perfect robot toy for your daughter or friend.

First off, let me say that although there might be SOME robotic kits that are more “boyish” or “girlish“, most of them are suitable for anyone interested in robot building and having fun with robots.

As pointed out in their post about the best toys for develepong girl’s engineering skills, it’s the actual learning potential of a toy we should most be interested in.

In this article, I will share some of my experience with choosing the right robot and list what to watch out for.

Here are the tips I will be covering:

Tip 1: Choosing the right kit
Tip 2: Read up on the different functions the robot has
Tip 3: Invest time in acquainting the girl with the robot

Tip 1: Choosing the right kit

Girls generally like more customizable toys. They are not just interested in what functions the robot has, but also how they can alter its looks, voice, etc. While some boys might not even bother using these features if their robot has them, girls will defi

blue dash robot

nitely be pleased by this and will want to explore!

In my experience, girls are more keen on humanoid robots like the Boyiya, while boys are happy to play with robotic cars or arms like this one.

However, this doesn’t have to be true in every case, so make sure to ask your girl what kind of robot she would enjoy playing with the most. If it’s a surprise gift for birthday or Christmas, try hinting at it slightly! 🙂

(What are humanoid robots, robotic hands, buildable robots etc.? Read this article where we explain everything quickly and plainly

—>>4 Basic types of buildable robots)

There are a lot of options on the market that are great for girls and boys. By using the information here, you can find something that a girl would enjoy putting together and playing with.

One thing you need to know is that not all kits are just for boys or girls. There are kits out there that are for people of any age that can be fun for a male or a female.

Most of the toys out there that involve robotics are not just made for boys or girls. Don’t be surprised if you find out that your child doesn’t want something just for girls because it isn’t as good of a toy.

Look for kits that are easy enough for a kid to build, even if it’s with adult help. You want to be there for them while they work through the instructions so you can make sure it’s put together right and that it works.

Tip 2: Read up on the different functions the robot has

This one is easy! Head over to the Robotic Kit Reviews  section and find what each robot does. Does the robot have obstacle avoidance, line-follow, voice commands, quirky dance moves? Or does the robot simply execute programmed commands?

Younger girls will surely appreciate a singing, dancing robot with motion sensing like the SCILE remote control robot. On the other hand, older children will surely love building and programming their own robot, like the easy PackGoOut.

Each is different, the manufactureres usually try to be as original as possbile with each product!

Robotics is for girls as well

So many people don’t read up on products before they buy them. Be cautious and in the end you’re going to be able to always get a good robotics kit for girls and/or boys. You can get robotic kits for girls if you know what to look for. Just know that not all of the kits out there are just for boys. Most of the time the kits are for both sexes so you don’t have to worry about a girl disliking it because it’s not made specifically for them.

Tip 3: Invest time in acquainting the girl with the robot

Ok, this one might not be just for girls, but I will mention it anyway because it’s SO IMPORTANT! More advanced or educational robot toys and kits might be less intuitive to play with in the beginning.

Think about it, if you were a child, would you like a toy with which you didn’t know how to play?

I’m not talking about sitting for hours over manuals. In the end, it should be challenging for the one who builds the robot, no? Just make sure that your children understand HOW the robot works.

Does it need to be assembled?

Are there any variations? 

Do they know about all the different functions?

Don’t worry if this seems hard or time consuming, it’s not! You can find a lot of information right here, on this website. Plus, every robot toy comes with a detailed comprehensible manual understandable for even the least tech savvy parents 🙂

If that’s not enough or you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to contact us or the manufacturer!


That’s all I can think of right now on the topic! I hope it saves some time and clears things up when figuring out what to buy for whom. Of course, age and prace are tremendous factors, but let’s leave that for another article!

Choosing the right robotic kit with these tips might take some time and carefull decisions. But keep in mind that this time is well invested. Once your girl is all set with her dream toy, she will be able to play with it independently and creatively. Robot building and programming is an excellent hobby and, if the passion holds, a well-paid field!

So what is your opinion? Do you feel like robotic kits are separated into boy and girl kits? Is there a specific robotic kit that you, your daughter or other girl/woman especially likes?

Let us know!