Hexbug Vex Fun Robotics Review

Hexbug Vex Fun Robotics Review

Today we bring you this ultimate review of the Hexbug Vex brand of robotics. Put your seatbelts on and hide all your jealous robots, this one will make you want to own some of this robot series. You can navigate below in this monster of a review:


What is HEXBUG?

Hexbug is a brand of toys specializing in building automatons that are a form of moving mechanical devices mostly imitating living creatures which are able to perform a range of functions according to a pre-determined set of coded instructions.  Hexbug ventured into the toy industry in 2007 and leveraged its robotics expertise to give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age. Inspired by Beam Robotics, the Hexbug robotic toys are developed and distributed by its holding company called Innovation First International. Innovation First International believes bringing about innovation in the designing process at an early stage lead to the production of simple and exquisite design. It started manufacturing electronics for robots and is currently the industry leader. Vex Robotics is the subsidiary branch and a leader in the supply of competition and hobby robotics products. Hexbug is probably best known for their robotic arm robot kit, which was awarded the Educational Toy of the Year 2016.  

fun robotic arm

HEXBUG: What Do They Do

Hexbug encourages combining the various facets of knowledge and fun to impart important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) principles through its build-it-yourself line of toys. This gives growing kids a chance to construct their Hexbug and customize their programming. As such, these Hexbug build-kits consist of gadget parts and pieces in the set to allow kids to build up the whole contraption. These toys come in several varieties to enthuse and amuse robotic gaming enthusiasts: 6-legged and 8-legged anthropods, Aquabot fish, ball-shooted, single gear racer, Fork-lift ball machine, robotic catapults and IQ Robotics construction kit. The toys combine multiple play pattern and involve active play and the time spent in putting the pieces together to build the toys.  

HEXBUG VEX Range of Toy Products

Hexbug’s Line of Vex Robotics include a vast variety of STEM-based activity kits that offer the kids a chance to have their play activity along with lessons learned on the functioning of the physics, math & engineering involved in building those toys. It, therefore, provides vast opportunities for learning the fine intricacies of important subjects on innovation and technology. These diverse product ranges of toys give a variety and add interest to the new-age learning of scientific and technological functions of a machine. It is therefore imperative to understand the toy-kits available in the product range to have a better understanding of the offerings and finding the best match for individual interests and likes. A detailed review of the Hexbug Vex toy products is just the right way to gain an insight into the details and informational features of these toys. Let us take a look at some of the Hexbug Vex Robotics toy kits that are on offer.  A product review of each of the toy-kit will provide a better understanding of the functioning of these toys and the user experience and satisfaction associated with each of them.

  • HEXBUG VEX Robotics Spider
  • HEXBUG VEX Robotics Ant
  • HEXBUG VEX Robotics Scarab
  • HEXBUG Vex Battle Ground Tarantula
  • HEXBUG Aquabot Fish
  • HEXBUG VEX Single Gear Racer
  • HEXBUG VEX Robotics Catapult
  • HEXBUG Vex Robotics Strandbeast
  • HEXBUG Vex Nano Nitro
  • HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit
  • HEXBUG VEX Robotics Switch Grip Ball-shooter


Product Review

Here is a quick review of some of Hexbug's products:


The Spider kit consists of 350 pieces and a centralized controlling device to set it in motion. It can be controlled manually by remote or driven in autonomous mode to experience the spider in life-like motion. Easily adjustable with no compatibility issues, the Spider kit contains 6 legs, infrared distance sensor, LED module and interlocking gears. It can move forward and backward with 360-degree head rotation. This is one compact fun kit with 64 programming variations to choose from. The instructions need to be followed in order to get started. Kids above 8 years old can really enjoy building this cool Spider Robot with no fuss at all. Remember to follow the instructions. Though it may not be a cakewalk but a good opportunity for parents to sit down with their kids and have a great time together building this one. Review Rating: 3.5/5


The robotic Ant with 6 wheels, dual bump sensors, and interlocking gears can be driven manually by remote or can be programmed autonomous movements. Cross compatible Hexbug Vex Kit, is relatively easy, to begin with, and has 150 snap pieces. It can detect obstacles with help of bump sensors. It comes with a flip switch to change the programming to have a fun experiment with the sensors to facilitate a safe navigation amidst obstacles. With less quirky bump sensors as compared to infrared sensors, the simplified mechanism is what makes this Ant kit a fun toy for kids and they are just going to love this one. Ideally suited for kids above 8 years of age. Review Rating: 4.0/5


Another one of Hexbug Vex Robotic favorites, this giant size Hexbug comes with 6 legs, 2 Infrared sensors & interlocking gear. Cross-compatible, this mean thing comes with 250 snap pieces and can be fed with 64 programming codes to exhibit life-like activities. It moves close to ground, makes use of the sensors to detect obstacles and range of motion can be controlled by altering the leg’s gear system. Scarab Kit can be a tough challenge for some so it is advisable to stick to instructions. On the whole, it offers a fantastic experience. Some users may find it difficult to deal with initially but once started, there is no looking back.  This one needs your time and patience and re-working to keep the parts intact in case of parts coming loose. It is one of those toys that require some guidance and assistance to start off with but that only means team-work and having a good time as companions building this one. Review Rating: 3.5/4

Battle Ground Tarantula

Battle Ground Tarantula calls for an epic clash of the creepy crawlers from Hexbug Vex. This comes with Infrared sensors and futuristic voice and sound effects. The amazing movements come to life with the crawling and recoiling reactions. Tarantula is the ultimate sci-fi warfare robot ready for the battle-challenge. Resistant body with sturdy remote for controlled movements of Tarantula, this is a very good build and extremely fun to engage into. If you plan to participate in the tarantula battlefield clash then you may look for the same in other colors and start the fun. This is worth the effort and time. Review Rating: 4.5/5

Aquabot Fish

Aquabot is the first water-born Hexbug micro robotic creature that comes with the smart fish technology. Available in the Shark and Clownfish version, this one is powered by magnetic propulsion moving in vertically and horizontally to explore its surrounding. The automatic sensor switch activates accordingly when placed in water. Ideal for kids who want to have the experience of playing with the fish, without having to own an aquarium and therefore no hassle and tediousness that comes along with it. Aquabot fish are super fun and offer a visual delight and great experience playing with this trying to steer the toy in the water. This is one of a kind feeling and hence must be tried though one must be careful in handling them to ensure the longevity of the fun experience. Review Rating: 4.5/5

Single Gear Racer

Single Gear Racer is a STEM-based construction kit and a good build-challenge, very informative in teaching the principles of conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy. The kit includes multiple gear sets, wheels, and rubber-bands with more than 180 snap-together pieces. The multiple gears display the fundamental techniques behind speed and torque. These racer machines work by pulling back the car, raising the resistance levers to generate tension from the rubber-bands. This really is an excellent work of engineering and makes for a very engaging and fun-filled experience. This racer kit is ideally suitable for kids above the age of 8 years. Review Rating: 4.5/5


This Catapult kit has a ratcheting winch for controlling the distance of projectiles tossed with maximum tension in the winch achieving a distance of over 10 feet. The kit is helpful in learning the kinetic energy converting to potential energy thereby resulting in variable power shots. This comes with 100 snap together pieces and the technology involved is quite influential and innovative. The build can be a good challenge and fun, to begin with. The principles of mechanical physics as given to the world by Greek scholars find a good application here. This kit may require some assistance and is an overall good project to start building if mechanics and physics of projectile motion seem interesting to the beginners. The instructions come in very handy in guiding the building of this one of a kind construction. This one is ideally suited for kids above the age of 8 years. Review Rating: 4.3/5


Strandbeast is simply awesome. This includes 8 legs, infrared distance sensors, LED modules and interlocking gears. It can be driven manually by a remote set to function autonomously. It comes with 400 snap together pieces to construct a jumbo-size robot with customized programming. The gears enable the 8 legs to move in one motion and can be driven forward or backward with a 360 degree spin for direction change. A good way to experiment with the different programming codes, creating life-like motion that may amaze and enthrall the users with its technological brilliance. This is one mean challenge for the beginners but can be a great fun experience with some assistance and can be treated as a pathway project to more complicated builds. The fun lies in the assembly part which requires careful adherence to instructions and self-application. Review Rating: 4.6/5

Nano Nitro 

This one works on the vibration technology and comes with the surcharged speed-gravity defying mechanism. Quite a full-throttle kick and ready for action. The Nano Nitro covers ground at great speed and can be a collector item for high-speed racing competitions. They come in multiple colors. This one is another of a thriller in the racing genre and can be an exciting way to compete with to exhibit the technological excellence and the fun and thrill of being a part of the entire ordeal. This is ideal for kids above the age of 6 years of age. Lookout for the sizzling buzz sound of these self-build mean machines. Review Rating: 4.3/5

IQ Robotics Construction Kit

Hexbug Vex IQ Robotics Kit comes with two programming software options: Modkit for VEX and ROBOTC VEX IQ. This one is a video-game style presentation with the robot brain having 12 self-configuring input and output ports. The motors have built-in rotational sensors. The kit comes with more than 750 snap together pieces and allows the building of robots following simple step-by-step instructions. The VEX IQ programming software has a cutting advantage and extremely versatile when it comes to building anything that comes to imagination. The kit includes one bumper sensor, a touch LED sensor, 4 smart motors and a color sensor. This one is ideally suited for kids above the age of 8 years and a tell-tale of great technical brilliance in its conception and construction of the robot. The build is quite robust and sturdy. The instructions are quite handy in snapping together the pieces, so this is another of the mean challenging yet one brilliant fun project to indulge in and gain a one of a kind experience. Review Rating: 4.8/5 

Switch Grip Ball-shooter 

A relatively easy project, this kit allows you to build an ingenious blaster that is capable of shooting balls over an extended distance of 20 feet or more. A STEM-based construction, it comes with more than 140 snap together parts and contains balls for shooting. The kit promotes basic engineering skills The start requires putting together the assembly pieces to create an imaginative blaster. The loader is filled with the ball then the launch is made with the pumping action of the launcher. The ball is sent flying in the projectile motion to over 20 feet in distance. The kit is aimed at encouraging an engineering mindset by way of this imaginative self-build play activity. Review Rating: 4.0/5

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