Essential Guide to Robotics: Basic Types of Buildable Robots

Essential Guide to Robotics: Basic Types of Buildable Robots

Robotics is one of the latest technological inventions that is transforming this world into a new one. It has emerged as one of the best ways to develop the love for science and new technology both in kids and elders. This is because there are many such robotic kits that can help develop the engineering concepts among children. These are a good way to increase creativity, and teach children how to achieve the targets.

The assembling of robot kits channels the energies of the kids into a positive direction. The sense of accomplishment gives them an unmatched satisfaction.

There are large varieties of robot kits. The selection is always made after a lot of research because different robots have different features. Also, the ways of assembling these are also different. There are many buildable robots, programmable robots, robotic arms, and remote controlled robots. The selection of a good robot kit is important to achieve desired results.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Robot Kits

An extensive research into robotics is needed to buy a good robot kit for the kids. There are many factors that should be kept in mind before buying robot kits. Some of the most important factors are:


1-Age of the Kids

The very first thing to consider while buying robot for the kids is the age of the kid. There are different kinds of robotics available for children of different age. This is because assembling of these kits depends on the age of the child. Never ever buy a complex robotic kit for the child. Always prefer to buy the one that your kid can assemble quite easily.

2-Likes of the Kids

Another very good thing to keep in mind is the likes and dislikes of the kids. Always prefer to get him buy the robot that touches his mind. This is because he will surely enjoy playing with the toy of his own choice. Moreover, he will assemble it quite easily because of deep interest in it.

3-Easy Assembling

There are some robot kits that require soldiering before assembling. Try to avoid buying such kits. Always buy those kits that contain finished parts and the kids have to assemble it without any need for soldiering. Also, the finished robot may seem quite cool and appealing to the children.

Types of Robots

There are many types of robots available in the market. The most important two types are:

  1. Buildable Robots.
  2. Programmable Robots, and
  3. Robotic Arms.

1-Buildable Robots

These are the most important types of robots. These can easily be assembled and disassembled. These are considered most important because the assembling of these robots provoke the engineering capabilities of the children. These are cheaper than other kinds of robots. Different buildable robots are meant for kids of different ages. All the parts are packed in the box and there is no need of soldiering. The finished product is always attractive for the children. These robots are of different kinds.


  • Stationary Robots

It is the very first and the most important type of buildable robots. The name stationary refers that the base of the robot is fixed while rest of the parts move in one or the other direction. These are less liked by the kids because of their being stationary. These may be in the form of cylindrical, spherical, and parallel robots.

  • Wheeled Robots

These are the most liked robots because these can move with the help of their wheels. The wheels are moved with the help of mechanical engineering principles. Assembling these robots is a little difficult than stationary robots. These are also not much costly. The number of wheels in these robots may also vary depending on the design.

  • Legged Robots

These robots are a lot like human beings as these have feet to move. The kids enjoy them a lot because these can perform different tasks assigned by the kids. If these robots are programmed, these can prove a good substitute of human beings in performing various human like activities. These are much complicated and costlier than wheeled robots. These robots can prove beneficial for walking on uneven tracks. The number of legs of these robots is also different according to the requirement. There are two legged, three legged, four legged, and some with many legs.

  • Flying Robots

Another famous type of buildable robots is the flying robots. These are designed like airplanes and use mechanical processes to fly short distances. These are much difficult to assemble and costlier to buy. Some flying robots are also shaped like flying birds and insects.

  • Swimming Robots

Buildable robots may also be swimming robots based on the engineering technology employed in these. These robots are made of water resistant parts and built like swimming fish and ships. These usually swim underwater.

  • Modular Robots

These are the latest in all robots. These robots have many little robots each performing some specific task in their set up. The overall performance of these robots depends on the individual performance of all the robots used in its making. These are a lot difficult to assemble and you may need some professional training to achieve success in building.

2-Programmable Robots

These are the robots that work through some programming. Like many computer games, these are programmed to perform different tasks. These can be used by the children of age above 10 years who understand the programming a little. Some programmable robots are even used by the adults for performing various routine tasks. Machine learning technology is used in programming these robots. These can even respond to your voice and gesture commands.

3-Robotic Arms

These are also called articulated robots because they are made of several joints and can rotate their arms in particular directions. There are many with single joint but the number of robots with multi joints is much greater. These robots are mostly used in industrial sectors for performing different tasks.

To sum up, we can say that robotics is an innovative technological revolution. Thousands of reviews and studies are being written every day on the topic. The field of study is regularly improving with many robots with new and innovative features are coming up. The 21st century will further see a great change in all fields of life due to these multi purpose robots.

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