Best Build-Your-Own Robot Kits For Children

Best Build-Your-Own Robot Kits For Children

Teaching your kids about the basics of robotics is perhaps one of the best gifts you can offer them. It not only is a creative means of play but is an excellent way of having your children experience the fun involved in learning science, technology, engineering and math. Building your own robot with some of the finest “best-build-your-own robot kits for kids” can be both fun and enlightening. With the very many options available today, you can take your pick from amongst the robot kits that incorporate concepts like STEM, Blocky and Arduino. – STEM is a movement set by the US Department of Education to promote interest and learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. – Blocky is a programming language that relies on blocks of codes to be strung together to build a program. – Arduino is an open source of software and hardware platform consisting of boards. Listed below are 4 of the Best Build-Your-Own Robot Kits for Kids that we believe can be game changers for your kids. In the previous article, we’ve brought you toys for all children to play with. Here, we zone in on those, who aim not only to assemble robots, but also programm and code them.

1. Tenergy Odev Tomo

Best suited for kids aged eight and above, this robot kit advocates the learning of STEM in children. It is a brilliant programmable robot that comes with a 2-in-1 transformable feature. Inclusive in the kit is the main control box, a tracking sensor and an ultrasonic sensor. It builds into a robot with two or three wheels that can also be controlled through Tenergy’s ODEV Explorer application which is available free of cost. The ODEV Blocky is needed to manually program this robot. The robot’s brain has plenty of ports that help extend its capacity with the help of third-party modules. With a rating of 4.5 stars in Amazon, this robot kit is definitely worth the buy. Click here to buy on Amazon

2. HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit

This is 750 piece robot kit that incorporates STEM learning and can be assembled to form eight basic designs like the V-Rex, Clawbot, Stretch and Slick. It comes with motors that have built-in rotational sensors and about 12 self-configuring ports for the main brain. The kit has detailed step-by-step guide for kids to navigate the designs and programs. Added inclusions comprise a Modkit for VEX programming software, a ROBOTC VEX IQ curriculum, animations and videos, etc. Controlled by a remote, it is accompanied by rechargeable batteries. This is a complete package of learning and fun, with a 4-star rating by Amazon. This one’s a little pricier, but you can definitely see where the extra money went – the kit contains two programming software options, twelve self-configuring input/output ports, rotational sensors on the motors and, of course, a rechargeable remote control. All this adds up to 750 snap together pieces. If you want a more complex and versatile programmable robot, then Hexbug Vex is the way to go. Click here to buy on Amazon

3. Meccano-Erector MeccaSpider Robot Kit

Targeted at kids over 10 years, the Meccano-Erector Mecca Spider comprises 291 parts that require approximately one to three hours to transform into a robot spider.

Smartly built with a movement detector supported by an infrared sensor module, a single brain module and two smart motor modules, this kit is a complete STEM toy. Attention to detail in this robot has resulted in an incredible built-in reservoir to hold water that is shot by the robot as venom. Meccano-Erector MeccaSpider Robot Kit is confirmed a high-quality product with an intermediate level of complexity, given a 4.3 rating by Amazon. Click here to buy on Amazon This one’s great fun for younger kids. With more of these, you can definitely see some cool robot water battles. However, if you would like something more challenging and advanced, check out the next one:

4. Robolink Rokit Smart

This educational starter robotics kit is an 11 in 1 programmable kit that is STEM approved for kids wanting to learn Arduino. It can be converted to take at least eleven different forms that include a clapping monkey, a crab, a gorilla, a pirate ship, a sumo, a bug, a truck, and many more. The good news about this kit is that it is accompanied by an online tutorial with step-by-step instructions on building each design. This robot kit serves as a challenge for young adults as well and has earned 4 stars in Amazon reviews. Click here to buy on Amazon


These are our tips for a the latest robotic kits that incorporate programming as well as building. Wether you or your child are only starting to learn programming now, or if you’re a bit more advanced, it does not really matter. If you’re a beginner, you will enjoy taking your first steps with Blocky and soon, you will watch your robot to take its first steps too! If you’re already an intermediate, you can focus on more difficult functions or just experiment. Remember, these are not the only programmable robots out there. You can find more in our previous review, like the Lego Mindstroms. The Mindstroms is really popular among children but we decided not to feature it in this article as we’ve already covered it in our detailed review and as it is well-known. As always, remember to Like and Share if you liked the article and see you next time! Your RKFK team.